I have always been a study in don’t tell me what I am and not am not capable of. My job in publishing takes ten hours of my day and my job trying to crush the patriarchy takes the other fourteen. VDaySafe HorizonThe Thick Thighs Club for Grrrls, these are a few of my favorite things. I want to deliver sermons of radical self-love, self-care, and dismantled kyriarchy from the roof tops of cities all over the world. I also want to deliver babies, adding “studying to become a doula” to the altar of candles I’m burning at both ends. Best days are spent writing evocatively, volunteering productively, and inspiring lusciously. In my wake, I long to leave a honey-and-blood stained, glitter encrusted, skulls-of-my-enemies littered trail with the pages of the books I consume blowing in the wind and the pillars of my beliefs un-shaken.