Jack is at the top of his game. He’s a senior running back on the football team, dominating every opponent in his way. To everyone else, Jack is totally in control. In reality, he struggles with an eating disorder that controls every aspect of his daily life. When Jack starts using steroids, he feels invincible, but will the steroids help him win the big game, or will he lose everything he’s ever worked for?

While there are countless books written dealing with eating disorders and body dysmorphia of young women, and rightfully so, there are far fewer books addressing the issue from the young male perspective. This article from The New York Times discusses research done around the socialization of young men from emotive children to guarded adolescents. If young men, in high school, in middle school, had more exposure to issues normally focused around young women, I feel we may be able to avoid them developing into the toxic hyper-masculine men who on the shallow-end, are emotionally closed-off in their interpersonal relationships, and on the deep end, commit heinous crimes.  

“Manning Up” attempts to fill the vacuum of young adult literature for young men with eating disorders and body dysmorphia, in the hopes of moving us in the direction of raising and educating children the same way.

Manning Up
By Bee Walsh